Food Justice Community Voices

• 2021 Report & Toolkit •

The Peel Food Action Council is proud to share our 2021 Food Justice Community Voices Research Project and this resulting Report and Toolkit.

This project has been in development for some time and is the shared accomplishment of many passionate Peel residents, food justice advocates and allies. It is intended to be a toolkit, a guide and a critical reflection of our current food system, as well as a collective call for change from the diverse, grassroots voices of Peel Region..

The PFAC would like to thank and acknowledge the many amazing people without whom this project would not have become a reality: our fantastic council of individuals and organizations at PFAC; Peel Region; the United Way of Greater Toronto; Taneja Consulting; Ikake Rising; the incredibly important Peer Researchers; and every Peel community member who offered their time and commitment to helping us bring their voice to this platform, and to the wider Peel Region community.


We – as Peel’s Food Action Council – strive to amplify the voices of the people of Peel Region and advocate to decision-makers, as we continue to work within a food justice framework for the regeneration of the land, water and all beings and people.